Wait for the new post and ENJOY the images!!!

Bad news guys!!! My laptop where I was writing the new story just collapsed! It will take some time to fix it. Please bear with me. In the meantime I’m posting some sexy photos. ENJOY!!!

The photos are not originally by me, off course!!! Found them in various websites! My Thanks to the uploaders!!! ENJOY!!!


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4 thoughts on “Wait for the new post and ENJOY the images!!!

  1. Well if ur lappy collapsd while writing new story atleast update ur “Teacher-studnt” OS series plz….i’m waiting 4 itz update since ages n my patinc level isn’t gud n dis wait isn’t helping realy plz update it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooon or i’llgo crzy waiting 4 crying out loud!!!!

  2. Thanks for such encouraging response!!! I’ll definitely try, but it seems difficult. My house is full of guests and I can hardly find any time out, That ‘s why I thought of posting the new story as I’ve already started it and the intro is also finished. Anyway. I’ll try my best to continue with “student-teacher” series, but cannot promise anything!!

  3. wow.. ur all parts are amazing…itzzz hot and sexy…and all above romantic too….plzzz update soon…plzzz..

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